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Together with our partners, we are able to unlock more value for our customers. LiveRamp partners with the world’s leading technology platforms and providers of data, media and services to unlock new, actionable insights.

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CreatorIQ is the industry's most trusted creator marketing software, powering advanced creator marketing insights and program management for over 500 of the world’s most innovative enterprise brands and marketing agencies. The CreatorIQ Intelligence Cloud enables creator discovery, streamlines marketing teams' workflow, ensures brand security, and provides customized performance metrics.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Through CreatorIQ’s partnership with LiveRamp, brands and agencies can leverage LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure to connect their first-party data directly with over twenty-two million+ influencers across CreatorIQ’s influencer database. This enables brands to automatically discover and activate their most prolific influential customers on the CreatorIQ Intelligence Cloud.


Creator Search

Quickly and easily find the ideal partners for your brand.

Community Discovery

See the latest mentions about your brand, including posts from creators you haven't engaged with yet.

Content Capture

Track who’s talking about you on social, analyze what they’re saying for relevant insights, and engage with these creators in a timely manner, all automatically.

Influencer Onboarding & Recruitment

Build a better creator network with our branded, easy-to-launch onboarding destination.

Creator CRM

With CreatorIQ's Creator CRM, you can build your own private creator network to help you go beyond the limitations of standalone marketplace platforms.

Influencer Campaign Management

Run campaigns tailored to your objectives, bring order and predictive ROI to the often chaotic process of influencer campaign management.

E-commerce & Attribution

Drive revenue via your creator network by building a comprehensive approach to meet your conversion and sales goals in one place.

Team Customization for Enterprise

Customize team workflow and branding while maintaining global standards and practices. 


  • Morgan Korte image

    Morgan Korte
    Lead Specialist, Influencer Marketing, AB InBev

    We rely on CreatorIQ to drive our programs forward, and are consistently using it to find creators who will make excellent partners for our brands.
  • Kelly McDermott image

    Kelly McDermott
    Director of Brand Partnerships and Influencer Relations, Fabletics

    CreatorIQ is a vital part of our influencer strategy at Fabletics. Being able to take informed risks and test new strategies, all while easily being able to access social, audience, performance and integrity metrics of potential new partners, has made evolving our program so easy.
  • Derrin Woodhouse image

    Derrin Woodhouse
    Director, Global Influencer Marketing Relations + Strategy, COACH

    [The] platform helped us make strategic decisions on how to scale up our influencer marketing program to gain momentum on our competitors. Our Amongst Friends campaign ignited a new era for the Coach Collective, and continues to help Coach engage with the young Millennial and Gen Z audiences.
  • Katy Coffield image

    Katy Coffield
    CEO and Co-founder, Foodie Tribe

    CreatorIQ allows us to bring the best of both worlds, agency and software, to our clients. We are still able to act and communicate as agency partners, while at the same time using CreatorIQ to streamline our influencer campaign process: from influencer selection, to creative content approvals and execution, and lastly, reporting.
  • Jeff Silber image

    Jeff Silber
    Head of Digital Monetization, iHeartMedia

    CreatorIQ allows us to ingest our broadcast talent, helping us gain a deeper understanding of their social audience through real-time data.
  • Jennifer Perri image

    Jennifer Perri
    Vice President, Univision Creator Network

    CreatorIQ’s simple and customizable interface helps our team efficiently share key data with our partners across the Univision ecosystem. Our internal team leverages CreatorIQ to assist our Sales teams to package and deliver campaigns that drive measurable conversion with digital creators.
  • Alexei Edwards image

    Alexei Edwards
    Head of Engagement Marketing, Bang & Olufsen

    The intelligence generated by CIQ has enabled us to be braver and more bold in our decision making, It has therefore empowered us to expand our approaches into a variety of different programs, and the increased transparency has enabled us to better optimize as we test + learn.
  • Tony Falk image

    Tony Falk
    Influencer Manager, BABE

    CreatorIQ has been an essential partner as BABE grows our ambassador program with a data-driven approach. By using the creator affinity data in CreatorIQ we've been able to rapidly scale our programs and are now leveraging link tracking to show ROI.