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BRIDGE offers marketers a simple-yet-powerful way to reach actual, verified individuals to grow their business. Our top-ranked people-based audience database of 250 million real people allows us to pinpoint each person’s identity with confidence and precision. Our PII data is 100% secure, permission-based, opt-in, and CCPA, GDPR & CAN-SPAM compliant. In addition, we have complete ownership of our data.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

With BRIDGE, marketers can access a real people-based offering that they have complete control over. They can quickly target REAL people, and easily deliver a message to a person’s email inbox, mobile device, desktop, or connected TV. Because BRIDGE starts with actual people, marketers can exactly match an audience with leads, sales, and location visits, precisely measuring how well a campaign performs. Marketers will know they are making the most out of every ad dollar spent. We are proud to work exclusively with LiveRamp as an onboarding partner. Our rich and verified data is available for use in the Data Marketplace.


  • Vincenzo Penza
    Product Manager, Data Strategy, BRIDGE

    Rapid change is the new normal, and more than ever, marketers need to make decisions anchored in data. Our data quality is our differentiator. Our customers tell us that we are better at targeting prospects. We take a tremendous amount of pride in this, not only because it’s what our business is built on, but because it helps marketers perform better and save money. Their ads will hit the people interested in buying their product or hearing their message every single time.