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Together with our partners, we are able to unlock more value for our customers. LiveRamp partners with the world’s leading technology platforms and providers of data, media and services to unlock new, actionable insights.

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A real-time, mobile-first data exchange, Adsquare gives advertisers and agencies seamless access to multiple data dimensions for more effective targeting, measurement and insights. Be among programmatic leaders and unlock the world of mobile data using one single integration and access real audiences in the right context for relevant advertising experience.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Adsquare's integration with LiveRamp helps brands connect people and places in a privacy-first world. Trusted by 1,800+ companies, our partnership will help you reach audiences based on where they've been. Discover how the world’s leading agencies and brands are using our solutions.


Audience Targeting

Combining data on people’s demographics, interests, app usage or movement allows you to build sophisticated audience segments that deliver optimized campaign performance. At Adsquare, audience data comprises audience segments connected to Mobile Advertising IDs and takes the form of:

  • Socio-demographic data
  • Brand preferences
  • Movement history
  • Personal interests
  • Purchase history

Footfall Measurement

With Adsquare’s real-time visit data you can see exactly how many customers your campaign is impacting, how it’s affecting their behavior and what you can do to further enhance performance. 

Our store-visit attribution solution calculates uplifts by comparing the exposed user group against a control group of users that hasn’t seen the corresponding ad. 

Proximity Targeting

Target highly customized locations in a variety of data dimensions. Advanced spatial data lets you find your audiences, wherever they may be. Whether you‘re a retailer looking to drive footfall to stores or a sports brand looking to target fans around a stadium, context is critical. Adsquare’s Proximity Targeting allows you to target consumers based on their geographical context without relying on any personal identifiers.

OOH Planning & Activation

Adsquare has taken the guesswork out of OOH and lets you understand exactly who is going to pass an OOH site – and plan OOH campaigns with unprecedented precision. Via our proprietary pre-bid integrations with DSPs, you can make use of spatial data including audience index scores for programmatic DOOH. 


  • Gustav Mellentin image

    Gustav Mellentin

    Advertisers have recognized the massive potential of mobile. Thanks to the integration of Adsquare data, we enable our customers to target the right audience at the right time in the right local context.
  • Georg Polzer image

    Georg Polzer
    Head of Partnerships

    Our partnership with Adsquare allows brands to make sense of the rapidly changing mobility trends while putting privacy first. We’re thrilled to work with the leading location intelligence provider to help marketers act smarter.