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Together with our partners, we are able to unlock more value for our customers. LiveRamp partners with the world’s leading technology platforms and providers of data, media and services to unlock new, actionable insights.

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Together Microsoft and LiveRamp provide consistency across the board to better resolve identity and use the power of data to streamline customer touchpoints.

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Microsoft Advertising connects you with more than a billion people at the right moments across work and life. The Microsoft Search Network is a part of your customers' lives, powering the devices, apps and sites consumers use every day and meeting them in the moments that matter most. Microsoft and LiveRamp have a strong and long-standing partnerships with the following product areas:

  • Audience Activation into Bing Advertising
    • LiveRamp hosts a platform for Brands to anonymize their offline CRM data for digital activation in a privacy-safe way to hundreds of digital ecosystem partners for digital activation. Bing Advertising is one of those destinations where the hundreds of brands on our platform can distribute their most valuable asset (1p CRM) to inform their targeting strategy on Bing inventory. 
  • Measurement with Bing Store Sales
    • The driving factor behind this program is helping to provide insights to advertisers into how their ad spending on Bing Search is impacting conversion rates in stores. With the ability to tie transaction data to digital campaigns, advertisers can work with Bing directly to close the loop in measuring ROAS.
  • Dynamics 365 & LiveRamp - Activation
    • Microsoft and LiveRamp’s Dynamics 365 integration enables advertisers to export CRM data from Customer Insights to LiveRamp for targeting to help make unified audiences more actionable by leveraging LiveRamp’s deterministic identity graph to deliver personalized experiences across 500+ platforms, including display, social, and TV.
    • Drives Azure usage and enhances capabilities for advertisers within Dynamics365 Customer Insights
    • Dynamics365 has the opportunity to leverage LiveRamp’s data marketplace to layer on 3PD segmentation as part of a lookalike modeling strategy and expand into measurement and analytics, bringing insights back into Customer Insights through LiveRamp.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Identity Resolution
    • AbiliTec, LiveRamp’s best-in-class identity resolution solution, is now available directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Now, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights users can build a stronger data foundation with our deterministic, people-based identity graph where their data already lives—and seamlessly integrate within their existing CDP infrastructure. 
    • With LiveRamp AbiliTec accessible through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, mutual customers can streamline the consumer journey and ensure more consistent, personalized experiences across relevant channels with an accurate, unified view of customers—all powered by LiveRamp's privacy-centric resolution technology. 
    • Power 360-degree customer view with LiveRamp's identity resolution.
  • Microsoft and LiveRamp’s ATS
    • A privacy-first solution embedded across Microsoft’s ecosystem that allows marketers to personalize consumer journeys and measure impact without relying on 3rd party cookies. Through our addressability partnership Microsoft can now provide alternative to cookies and support Microsoft’s ad inventory, integrate seamlessly with our sidecar technology and mutual SSP/DSP partners, measure on that inventory to connect marketing outcomes and demand sources with Microsoft’s inventory.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Together Microsoft and LiveRamp provide consistency across the board to better resolve identity and use the power of data to streamline customer touchpoints.