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Together with our partners, we are able to unlock more value for our customers. LiveRamp partners with the world’s leading technology platforms and providers of data, media and services to unlock new, actionable insights.

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Jivox powers personalized digital marketing with its data-driven Dynamic Creative (DCO) technology, driving engagement and digital commerce across paid and owned media. The integration of its IQiD with RampID augments people-based marketing with first-party domain-based personalization. The combined solution enables brand marketers to deliver precise messaging on a people-based level to each consumer at the right time in the right context—using authenticated first-party identity.

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Jivox personalizes performance marketing with data-driven Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology. With its cloud based decisioning, deterministic first party identity graph, omnichannel ad serving and commerce media capabilities, Jivox drives exceptional return on ad spend and advertising interaction to be able reach and convert users on a 1:1 level. 

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

  • Optimize online experiences using offline locations
    • Drive growth by layering consumer behavior and visitation trends into digital campaigns. Add offline behaviors to your customer profile to better understand how your brand fits into the buying journey and to acquire new potential customers.

  • Use location information for local offers
    • Target local users within a certain radius of a zip or in a specific geo to localize offers, messaging and CTAs for higher clickthroughs and conversions.

  • Optimize campaigns from your customer’s purchases
    • Using actual transaction data, target and retarget new audiences that have the maximum propensity for conversion based on transaction and impression data.


Dynamic Canvas

  • Personalizing thousands of content variations on-the-fly including dynamic product ads
  • Production efficiency & cost savings

AI-based Decisioning in the Cloud

  • Data driven micro-segmenting 
  • Product Feed-Based Decisioning

First-party Identity

  • Integrated into brand as a 1st party
  • No third-party cookies
  • Data Clean Room for real-time attribution

Retail Media

  • Shoppable advertising
  • On-site and Off-site advertising personalization


Jivox image
Jivox image


  • Marta Piotrowska
    Director Pampers Media, Digital and eCommerce, P&G

    I tested every DCO tool in the market and can say that Jivox is a leader because there is no other tool that can do it all. It includes capabilities for data management, integrations and omnichannel synchronizations. It also has the most advanced innovation pipeline amongst its competitors.




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