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FieldTest Audience Data provides 500 highly engaged B2B and DTC customers and audience segments built in partnership with publishers, brands and retail destinations to create highly engaged addressable audiences as purchasers and intenders for your campaigns.

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Premium segments for every campaign.
With over 300 segments ranging in diversity from property managers to fast fashion purchasers we have audience segments to meet the needs of nearly any advertiser. We specialize in identifying highly specific data-sets in difficult to acquire in-market audiences. 

By partnering directly with search, retail and niche publishers we are able to identify high intent in each of our carefully curated segments.Our data specialty is e-commerce, real estate and regulated products. We offer some of the highest performing audiences for consumer intent, high net worth decision makers and CBD customers. Working with FieldTest audience ensures the most recent, in-market audiences individually segmented to drive efficiency and lift to your client campaigns.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Data is our secret weapon. Now it can be yours.
FieldTest First Party Data is gathered directly from consumer online and offline behavior. Our data management platform is built with Unified ID 2.0, a transparent and open sourced framework for identifying and targeting audiences. It’s all built to maximize consumer privacy, transparency and marketing performance. Our technology is future-proofed for a post-cookie world, permission based and immune to iOS changes.

We work with LiveRamp for identity resolution and consumer privacy protection allowing us the most flexibility for data interoperability in a safe, secure and responsible manner.

FieldTest Audience Data provides over 300 highly engaged B2B and DTC audience segments built in partnership with publishers, brands and retail destinations. Our segments include B2B marketers, Apparel consumers, crypto/bitcoin investors, logistics and more. We offer 200 CBD intender segments sliced and diced to product purchase and interest. Gummy, topical, beauty products, pain management, restful sleep, etc. at two durations - in-market (last 30 days) and intenders (past 90 days)


  • Vanessa Branco
    CMO Sunbolt

    B2B can be tricky, especially with our niche, but FieldTest was able to develop strategic targeting driving the right customers to find us and reach out for more information. Working with FieldTest generates B2B leads that go above and beyond our expectations.