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Together with our partners, we are able to unlock more value for our customers. LiveRamp partners with the world’s leading technology platforms and providers of data, media and services to unlock new, actionable insights.

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Clinch is the recognized leader in omnichannel creative ad serving. The company’s AI-driven dynamic personalization technology delivers custom-tailored ad experiences across all channels, driving best-in-class performance and ROI. Flight Control, Clinch’s Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform, enables agencies and brands to manage the entire campaign lifecycle, from strategy through activation and measurement, on a single platform that makes them massively more productive, efficient, and profitable. In everything Clinch does, it automates workflows and leverages data to personalize and optimize display and video ad experiences at scale, across programmatic, CTV, social media, in-app, native, audio, and Digital Out of Home (DOOH). 

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Clinch’s Partnership with LiveRamp provides several benefits, but the two major ones are:
  • 1) Unique campaign insights from ad serving events tied to rampIDs. Given Clinch’s ability to dynamically personalize ad  experiences across any channel, platform, publisher or networkClinch can provide real-time creative data logs tied to a RampID. This unique data can be used for enriching advertiser’s audience profiles, building additional audience segmentation and or performing advanced analytics for ROAS calculations on media and creative.
  • 2) As a measurement enablement destination for LiveRamp’s privacy compliant file processing workflow, Advertisers can pass unattributed offline events to Clinch to perform attribution against their campaign’s ad serving events. This enables the correlation of online impressions directly to in-store/on-site visitation and sales, uncovering another layer of insights into the effectiveness of their cross-channel campaigns.


Bi-directional Data Flow Integration

  • Uniquely enhance audience data for more robust targeting, personalization, and addressability across touchpoints and devices
  • Build real-time 360 degree customer profile with rich insights from reliable cookieless offline and online data sources
  • Bi-directional augmentation of LiveRamp ID and Clinch ID data in Clinch UI

File Processing Workflow

  • Closed campaign measurement loop w/ offline attribution
  • Tie online activity to in-store sales, down to product SKU, category, amount, and more
  • Inform future media planning and creative optimization by leveraging attributed offline conversions within Flight Control’s Dashboard and Analytics page


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  • Lindsay Spletter
    Senior Digital Media Manager at Mattress Firm

    Clinch’s ability to link ad impressions to in-store visits using LiveRamp’s measurement enablement solution has already proven to be invaluable for our business. It has provided us with actionable insights that are helping us refine our media planning and creative optimization strategies.​