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Bridg is an enterprise data and audience platform built exclusively for brick and mortar retailers and their CPG partners that powers retail media success. The platform solves a longstanding challenge – identifying and targeting in-store customers that aren't part of loyalty or rewards programs – using our exclusive offline resolution capabilities and clients' point of sale (POS) data. 

Bridg clients can leverage credit and debit cards to expand their loyalty database, launch targeting measures previously reserved for program members, optimize media spend and accelerate top-line growth. Retailers with media networks can significantly expand their first-party data, gain reporting transparency and unlock new monetization opportunities. CPG brands and advertisers gain access to verified shopper data across all customers, loyalty and non-loyalty, to power advanced insights, precision targeting and closed-loop measurement.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Bridg and LiveRamp have partnered to make the retailer’s shopper audiences actionable in the digital ecosystem. Whether through digital audience activation or clean room assessments, the Bridg data set is ready to use through LiveRamp and via all of LiveRamp’s end destinations.


Shopper profiles are matched to LiveRamp IDs

Established Clean Room process and protocols