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AlikeAudience is a cutting-edge data science company specializing in mobile-first data for activation. With an extensive database of nearly 900 million active, unique mobile IDs and over 700 millions HEMs in the US, AlikeAudience empowers brands and advertisers to maintain a competitive edge and drive innovation in the fast-paced world of technology. By harnessing the power of location signals, app data, demographics, and other behavioral attributes, AlikeAudience employs advanced methodologies to create highly effective audience segments. These segments not only maximize reach and engagement but also prioritize the protection of customer data. AlikeAudience operates exclusively with consumer-consented CRM data and opted-in Mobile IDs, adhering to the stringent regulations of GDPR and CCPA. Our privacy-compliant approach ensures that partners receive value without compromising data security.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

AlikeAudience offers an extensive range of comprehensive data solutions across multiple categories. Our expertise spans various aspects, ensuring that we can meet your diverse data needs. Here's a glimpse of the categories we specialize in:
  • Demographic - Age, Gender, Education, Family size and Structure.
  • Geographic - Location of Employment, Residence, Spending
  • Psychographic - Personal Values & Beliefs, Areas of Interest, Risk Orientation
  • B2B - Firm Size, Nature of Industry & Sector, Seniority and Function
  • Behavioral & Interest - Spender vs Saver, Active vs Passive, Planner vs Impulsive
  • Credit Record - Spending Power (Value & Frequency), Affluence Level and Lifestyle