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Urban Science

Leveraging the Urban Science® DataHub™, LiveRamp customers can improve their targeting accuracy, speed of data measurement and hone in on ready-to-buy automotive audiences, improving overall campaign efficiencies.

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Billions of dollars are spent annually on targeting millions of shoppers now you can quantify with scientific precision how hard every dollar is working and make each one work harder by partnering with Urban Science. As a result of over 40 years’ experience in the auto industry, Urban Science has a unique set of automotive data sourced directly from the automakers and automotive purchase expertise. Our data offers industry wide coverage of new car sales representing over 97% of sales volume in the U.S. so marketers can target and measure campaigns quickly and with the highest level of confidence. Urban Science’s In Market Audiences™ focus on purchasers 0-3 months out with an emphasis on key purchase patterns by segment. In addition, Suppression Audiences™ are available to layer across all data, to provide marketers with a solution to increase media efficiency and only reach the most relevant audiences, by removing customers who’ve recently purchased a vehicle. 

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Leveraging the Urban Science® DataHub™, LiveRamp customers can improve their targeting accuracy, speed of data measurement and hone in on ready-to-buy automotive audiences, improving overall campaign efficiencies:

  • Improve targeting accuracy: Urban Science determines in-market propensity by leveraging past purchase behavior, including frequency, recency and other variables to reveal those most likely to purchase, along with excluding those who have most recently purchased a vehicle.
  • Improve sales measurement speed: Our data is collected direct from OEMs and shared  as frequently as daily providing timely and actionable insights for automotive marketers
  • Generate greater returns on automotive advertising: Finding new ways to gain a competitive advantage and reduce wasted media dollars is essential. Transaction-level automotive data offers brands the ability to better measure the performance of their campaigns and suppress recent buyers, saving valuable dollars or making them available for other activations.
  • Future-proof audience and measurement initiatives: Our data is based on people, not cookies, increasing campaign accuracy & stability as we pivot away from cookie-based measurement and targeting


Exclusive Data

Urban Science industry-wide sales* data – the Urban Science® DataHub™ – is fueled directly from the automakers, not modeled or delayed vehicle registrations making us uniquely positioned to understand automotive consumers with unprecedented specificity, speed and comprehensiveness.  This data is available exclusively to participating OEMs, dealers and authorized agencies or technology partners acting on their behalf.

*Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.

Precision Targeting

We zero in on ready-to-buy customers because our audiences are based on near-real time, industry-wide sales data and other real-world behavior, like purchase history (make, model, segments), location relative to dealership, demographics, lifestyle and life stage. Then we leverage this data to score households based on their likelihood to purchase a new vehicle in the next 3 months.

Maximum Efficiency

Stop marketing to customers who are no longer in market by zeroing in on ready-to-buy customers. Then we leverage our holistic, industry-wide sales data to exclusively identify automotive shoppers who are in market based on sales, service and lead history. 

Performance Measurement

When your campaign is looking to move the metal, then make sure you’re using the metric that matters – sales. Measuring your campaign based on online behavior proxies, like clicks, visits or plays, doesn’t give you the full picture of performance. We link digital touch points to actual sales so you’ll finally be able to see what’s working, what isn’t and why.




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