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Unearth is a public affairs technology company where machine intelligence meets human intelligence. Our digital advocacy tools are created by public affairs professionals with decades of insider expertise. Strengthen your public affairs digital advocacy campaigns by using Atlas Influence Targeting. Reach only the people who matter most – and not a single person more with: 

  • Atlas for Individuals: surround high priority individuals, like elected officials, by engaging their 2,000 most trusted personal, professional, and political contacts through a range of digital media channels. 
  • Atlas for Insiders: reach federal and state Capitol Insiders and their closest influencers.
  • Atlas for Issues: influence perception on a specific issue by working with our expert data team to curate your own audience.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Atlas Influence Targeting reaches only the people who can change the game — and none of the people who can’t. Atlas puts your messages squarely in front of decision makers’ real-world connections, sparking offline conversations and shifting perception.


Efficient Targeting

Smaller audiences that have real-life connections to your priority target. Influence only the people that matter the most. No wasted impressions or dollars.

High Match Rates

Go beyond the voter file. Audiences are crafted with dozens of first-party data sources. Regular data hygiene ensures match rates are above 90%.

Fast Distribution

Audiences are activated as quickly as 24 hours, leaving more time to run your digital advocacy campaign.

Individual and Household Matching

Two match types available to maximize campaign results. Leverage individual data on social media and programmatic or leverage household data for shared devices like OTT and audio.

Individual Decision Maker Audiences

Create more personalized and engaging campaigns. Every individual audience is large enough to target on its own, so you’re in control of the creative, message, frequency, and platforms.


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  • Margaret Taylor image

    Margaret Taylor
    Former Director of Global Public Affairs, AT&T

    Creates conversations around complex policy topics... Helpful to campaigns large and small.
  • Kish Rajan image

    Kish Rajan
    Chief Administration Officer, Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery

    21st-century communications campaigns must be about art and science. Unearth brilliantly integrates compelling creative with solid data science. That’s why we trust them with our communications.
  • Clayton Traylor image

    Clayton Traylor
    V.P. State & Local Operations, Leading Builders of America

    Unearth exceeded all of our expectations. The most successful grassroots mobilization effort I’ve ever been associated with.