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Together with our partners, we are able to unlock more value for our customers. LiveRamp partners with the world’s leading technology platforms and providers of data, media and services to unlock new, actionable insights.

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The StackAdapt integration with LiveRamp enables marketers to unlock and apply 3rd party segments and push CRM data directly to the StackAdapt platform to execute people-based targeting, measurement and personalization. StackAdapt is a self-serve programmatic native advertising platform used by North America's most exceptional digital marketers. This state-of-the-art platform is where some of the most progressive work in machine learning meets cutting-edge user experience. Ad buyers plan, execute, and manage data-driven native advertising campaigns across all devices, leveraging proprietary data, inventory and publisher partners.

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StackAdapt is a self-serve programmatic advertising platform used by hundreds of brands and agencies around the world. StackAdapt’s data-driven platform combines state-of-the-art machine learning with a clean and intuitive user interface to provide media buyers with an easy way to plan, execute and drive the best performance across all devices, inventory and publishing partners. StackAdapt has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America, is rated a Top Software and the Number 1 Demand-Side Platform (DSP) on G2, and is the highest performing and easiest to use platform.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

The StackAdapt integration with LiveRamp enables marketers to unlock and apply 3rd-party segments and push 1st-party data directly into the StackAdapt platform to execute people-based targeting, measurement and personalization. Users can leverage their 1st-party data lists in-platform across multiple channels such as native, display, video, connected TV (CTV), audio, and in-game, and leverage StackAdapt's data-driven algorithm to create lookalikes and retargeting audiences.


1st-Party Data Uploads

Onboard your CRM data through the StackAdapt UI to create a new segment quickly and easily in an anonymous, privacy-compliant manner.

1st-Party Data Measurement

Match client offline conversion data to online campaigns in a privacy-safe way, either mid- or post campaign.

Audience Lookalike Expansion

Extend your audience reach by finding users who mimic the online behaviour of those you’ve targeted through your 1st-party data.

Execute Media Across Multiple Channels

Plan, execute and analyze all ad formats in a single platform. Our multi-channel offering allows you to create full-funnel campaigns with confidence and ease, allowing users to execute media tactics on native, display, video, connected TV (CTV), audio, and in-game.


  • Trey Byers image

    Trey Byers
    Director of Digital Marketing, Randall Reilly

    We really enjoy using the CRM upload feature on StackAdapt because we’re able to upload and use our 1st-party data really quickly. Not to mention, the match rates we get on StackAdapt are the highest that we get anywhere.
  • Jo Joslin image

    Jo Joslin
    Senior Media Planner, The Variable

    1st-party data onboarding and Dynamic Retargeting were very impactful tactics in our StackAdapt campaign, allowing us to successfully reach high-quality audiences at the right time and place, and ultimately drive users down the funnel towards a conversion.
  • Sarah Kalosa image

    Sarah Kalosa
    Director of Digital Media, Smarty Social Media

    Our StackAdapt campaigns drove stronger on-site metrics (lower bounce rate, higher time on page, higher session duration) than our campaigns on other platforms.
  • Paula Thompson image

    Paula Thompson
    Digital Media Director, Effective Spend

    StackAdapt really stepped up as our strategic digital partner. The platform provided 4 different channels to run media through, and the team provided out-of-the-box targeting suggestions and media rich ads to ensure we stood out from our competitors.