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LBDigital has been helping marketers reach their desired audience with dynamic marketing data and data services since 2005. Our consultative approach and out-of-the-box solutions have powered successful campaigns for premier business and consumer brands. As a Reseller of LiveRamp’s data onboarding services for SMB/Smaller Advertisers, we provide a unique opportunity for small to medium-size advertisers, agencies, and one-time programs to incorporate offline CRM data into online campaigns and platforms. Use cases include targeting, suppression, modeling, attribution, analysis, and insights. Look for our large-scale digital data under our LBDigital brand available in Lotame Data Exchange, Centro Basis DSP, Oracle Data Cloud and LiveRamp's Data Marketplace. Current taxonomy and custom segmentation are available for direct mail, email and digital advertising, and can be delivered directly to your favorite digital or marketing platforms.

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LBDigital’s mission is to make you a marketing rockstar - the go-to person clients and colleagues turn to when they need a solid data strategy, segment or advice. We have been helping marketers reach their desired audience since 2005, and today, our clients consider us their “easy button” for great campaigns through great audiences.

We know data - it’s our only business!

  • Truthset regularly finds LBDigital demographic data amongst the most accurate of leading data providers for age, gender, HHI, homeowner, ethnicity, parents.
  • Dynamic, fresh data listing with frequent updates, featuring new and trending segments.
  • Multi-source data verified and validated across channels for hygiene and accuracy, both PII and anonymous.
  • A minimum of 5+ declared touch-points per record for performance and quality assurance.
  • Sourced from privacy-compliant partner websites, form fills, registrations, brand signals, online engagements.

Current taxonomy and custom segments are available for Email, CTV, OTT, Audio, Gaming, Mobile and Digital Advertising.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

CTV Targeting
We offer the freshest deterministic data for popular CTV advertising categories such as consumer demographics, political, health, retail, e-commerce, CPG, entertainment, travel and lifestyles.

Accurate Targeting
"LBDigital > Truthset Scored" Demographic Segments are approaching 100% accuracy by including only the top deciles while maintaining significant scale.
3000+ Proprietary Data Segments
Choose from B2B, CPG, demographics, health & wellness, purchase, financial, in-market, political, lifestyle, donor, occupation, home & family, young adults, new movers, ethnicity & trends.

11 Billion Behavioral Attributes
Use our transaction data to build out your identity graph with 11 Billion transactions monthly. Off-line and online identifiers include: PII, Maids, Hems, IPs, timedate stamp.

Custom Audiences
We offer custom segments, available within 72 hours, built using exclusive keywords, indicating brand intent and contextual interests.

Data Onboarding
We provide a unique opportunity for small to medium-size advertisers, agencies, and one-time programs to incorporate offline CRM data into online campaigns and platforms.


  • Joseph Aufiero

    Working with LBDigital has been absolutely a wonderful experience. Their data quality and performance is some of the best I have seen!
  • Kathryn Barnitt

    LBDigital continues to blow us away with the quality of their data. Their demographics rank tops in accuracy compared with other data providers.
  • Patrick Kagan
    PK Solutions

    Anybody in a small business will learn from Amy & MJ that the data always tells the story. It’s like math and that’s why they’re so successful.


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