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Together with our partners, we are able to unlock more value for our customers. LiveRamp partners with the world’s leading technology platforms and providers of data, media and services to unlock new, actionable insights.

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With the largest partner network and tens of thousands of data lakes running on AWS today, the leadership position of AWS enables marketers, publishers, agencies, and technology companies to more easily connect with partners to join, analyze, activate, and measure protected data with flexibility and interoperability.

LiveRamp and AWS have formed a strategic partnership to bring LiveRamp’s identity services and capabilities to customers’ AWS cloud data environments, enabling them to build a unified customer view inside their data warehouse. LiveRamp’s purpose-built, interoperable solutions help customers enhance privacy-conscious data collaboration, identity resolution and translation for many marketing use cases including measurement and audience activation. 

As part of this partnership, customers can deploy LiveRamp’s Identity Services through AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange. This partnership marks an important technological shift in how marketers and platforms build the next generation of customer experience and underscores LiveRamp’s commitment to making it safe and easy for enterprises to use customer data – wherever it lives.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

LiveRamp Identity Securely Integrates Marketing, Advertising and Data Collaboration
LiveRamp offers customer identity solutions that connect, resolve, activate and translate data between partners, unlocking person and household-based post-cookie targeting, measurement and collaboration. Bringing LiveRamp’s people-based identity capabilities into your AWS Cloud data infrastructure brings value to marketers, publishers, agencies, advertising, and marketing technology companies by enabling them to:

  • Maximize security and performance. By deploying identity in the cloud, clients can minimize data movement, keeping greater control over their data and reducing latency.
  • Make data actionable and drive efficiencies: Leveraging unified, organized, and accurate data improves performance throughout all downstream cloud data use cases, including analytics, reporting, activation, and targeting.
  • Generate greater returns on cloud data infrastructure investment. Accurately consolidated data drives increased operational efficiencies and cost optimization across storage, compute, and beyond.
  • Uphold consumer privacy. Privacy-by-design architecture offers pseudonymization and minimizes risk of re-identification and misuse to ensure data is protected and used safely.


Enhanced data collaboration

Embedded Transcoder supports the lossless conversion of RampIDs between parties, so partners can maximize their data connectivity and achieve more accurate insights for both individual and household-level analytics.

Scale omni-channel measurement enabled by Identity

By accessing LiveRamp’s online identity resolution capabilities, brands, agencies, TV programmers and CTV platforms can resolve disparate consumer touchpoints across channels for person-based insight into campaign performance.

Superior analytics, activation & measurement pipelines in your AWS Environment

Activate your marketing data across LiveRamp’s 500+ integrations. Seamlessly integrate across AWS data and infrastructure services, including Amazon Marketing Cloud, Redshift, and Data Lakes to power modern, data-intensive advertising use cases.


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  • Adam Solomon
    Head of Worldwide Data Collaboration and Interoperability Solutions at AWS

    Our customers are motivated to protect consumer data and improve addressability and measurement across channels and touchpoints. We are confident that LiveRamp’s breadth of adoption across the advertising industry, combined with the large community of AWS customers and partners actively seeking to collaborate in AWS Clean Rooms, will set the stage for a new and more durable paradigm of interoperability.