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Audience Acuity

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Audience Acuity empowers marketers with unrivaled precision in identifying and engaging people-based audiences across all channels. Our Super Identity Graph leverages 1.6 trillion monthly consumer events from 70+ sources, ensuring the highest data accuracy and integrity. Covering the entire U.S. adult population, we enable scalable, compliant and contextually relevant engagements, ensuring that your marketing spend drives real performance improvements.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Audience Acuity's offering employs a clean-slate approach to developing highly responsive audience segments, enabling marketers to cut through the noise and engage with real individuals with precision.
By leveraging deterministic methods, Audience Acuity eliminates the use of probabilistic data, providing marketers with confidence. Our comprehensive data links offline and online interactions in a fully compliant manner, allowing for more engaging and effective strategies.

We also offer the ability to help you individually customize your audience to meet your specific campaign criteria. Explore More Here.