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Affinity Answers

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Affinity Answers delivers social insights to be activated across any digital media. We use social data to understand the affinity between people and the brands, celebrities, shows, movies, and all other entertainment they love. We track the pseudonymized IDs of people as they engage with their favorite things across social networks. This data is analyzed, along with data collected from over 550MM additional pseudonymized IDs around the world, to understand the positive relationship between people and brands. 

This creates our Act-Alike model called TrueAffinity™, that can accurately predict, based on a declared set of interests, who will most likely have intent towards any brand, show, movie, or other entertainment. Our unique algorithm enables our clients to use powerful social media insights across any media - programmatic display and video, social or advanced TV - for conquest marketing, to find their next new customer, and amplify their existing sports and media sponsorships.