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Sports Innovation Lab

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Sports Innovation Lab is building the Sports Data Cloud with deterministic data at scale, anchored in deep sports domain expertise. The foundation of our Sports Innovation Lab Audiences are the purchasing habits of more than 25 million U.S. consumers. Our Sports Intelligence AI provides 25% greater coverage of sports focused merchants, brands, and properties vs. current suppliers, and our audiences are built off of longitudinal, user-level transactional data that has been shown to deliver a 70% increase on ROAS. No other audience dataset includes the more than 1,000 unique sports focused brands within the Sports Innovation Lab dataset.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Sports Innovation Lab Audiences helps brands reach consumers across a spectrum of sports and entertainment interest based on their real spending behaviors. We know if a consumer has purchased a ticket to a specific team game, placed a bet, went to a concert, or subscribed to a league streaming platform, and we've created over 100 custom fan communities such as Gen Z, Trendsetters, Values-Driven, Gamers, Bettors, and Fans of Women's Sports. Audiences help leagues and teams sell more tickets, help brands convert more consumers, and media companies expand their reach and drive tune-in.


Transactional Data

Sports Innovation Lab Audiences includes credit card purchases for more than 25 million US consumers aggregated from all of the major credit cards sourced from more than 300 national banks.

Sports Specific Brands

Sports Innovation Lab Audiences use a dataset customized for sports & entertainment and includes more than 1,500 merchants and brands not available in any other transactional dataset.

Custom Communities

Sports Innovation Lab Audiences include more than 100 proprietary fan and consumer communities including: Gen Z Fans, Fans of Women's Sports, Values-Driven Fans, Sports Bettors, Sports Streamers, Budget Travelers, Racing Fans, and more.


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