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Together with our partners, we are able to unlock more value for our customers. LiveRamp partners with the world’s leading technology platforms and providers of data, media and services to unlock new, actionable insights.

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Samba TV

Samba TV is the source for real-time television insights for a unified view of the customer journey across screens. Built on the foundation of a TV DMP for matching first party digital and offline data with TV viewership, Samba TV enables advertisers to plan, target and measure holistic marketing campaigns across TV and Digital. Cross-platform media and analytics enabled by Samba provides a real-time understanding of viewership across linear TV, OTT, on-demand and digital devices to analyze its impact on consumer behavior and purchase, thus bridging the gap between TV and digital.

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Samba TV has transformed the TV from a pane of glass on the wall to a window into the heart of audiences. We are the global leader in television technology powering real-time insights and audience targeting to enable unparalleled marketing efficiency and effectiveness. 

Our proprietary first-party data from tens of millions of opted-in televisions, across more than 20 TV brands sold in over 100 countries, provides advertisers and media companies a unified view of the entire consumer journey. Our independent currency-grade measurement has future-proofed advertising for the next generation, empowering advertisers to connect with their audiences on any platform, across every screen.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

Our partnership delivers comprehensive audience targeting to LiveRamp customers! We do this by integrating Samba TV's proprietary first-party data from millions of opted-in TVs into their preferred platform through LiveRamp. This enables marketers to target and measure people-based campaigns across all digital channels, including CTV, Video, Display, Native, and Audio. Samba TV's data is actively refreshed, providing accurate insights for efficient and effective campaigns everywhere.


1st Party, Independent TV Data

Samba’s ACR integrated into TVs for real-time content recognition including linear, VOD, OTT & video games

Currency-grade Measurement

Samba TV data addresses advertisers needs with currency-grade measurement including reach & frequency, conversions, and more

Accurate TV Data for Omninscreen Campaigns

Use Samba’s comprehensive data to target linear and streaming TV viewers on their phone, tablet, PC, or TV 

Future-proof Identity Solutions

Samba’s identity graph can identify at 90%+ accuracy which phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs belong to an individual 


  • Lisa Valentino image

    Lisa Valentino
    EVP of Client Solutions and Addressable Enablement for Disney Ad Sales

    Samba TV offers us a scale solution at a campaign level where we can now get deduplicated reach and frequency at a campaign level across endpoints like streaming and linear - which, frankly, hasn't happened up to this point.
  • Aina Bolstad image

    Aina Bolstad
    Senior Marketing Comms Manager, Microsoft

    Samba gave us the platform to reach our audience and stay top of mind
  • Brian Stempeck image

    Brian Stempeck
    Chief Strategy Officer, TheTradeDesk

    Incorporating Samba TV's rich insights directly into our Planner tool streamlines omnichannel media buys for our clients




Samba TV



Samba TV