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Reflex Blu

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Person-Based Performance Agency
We identify and market to individuals who will bring a profitable engagement.
We track transactional spends and report actual revenue dollars.
We work on behalf of our clients to build their brand — one satisfied customer at a time.

How will this partnership benefit LiveRamp customers?

There is no better predictor of future behavior than past behavior and you have the right to use your consumer’s transactions to uncover their most valuable traits. Unlike mass or segment marketing, people-based performance marketing relies on AI to identify individuals with high receptivity to your brand; market to them; and track their engagement to your content all the way to the spend recorded in your transactional data.

Storytellers, data scientists, and creative moxy have defined our agency for over two decades. In fact, we’ve been called “creatalytical” for more than 20 years. One of our core beliefs is that in the age of “the always connected and distracted consumer,” brands need an “always on and clarifying brand narrative” through offline and online media channels.


  • Jonathan Romeo
    VP Advertising and Marketing, Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

    “We knew we had a big challenge ahead, but blu has been helping us take great care of our golfing community. Blu’s ability to dive deep into data and use online identity resolution to market to specific individuals helped us hit record sales in the middle of a pandemic. I would recommend blu to anyone who needs a solid solution for marketing to a changing and/or challenging customer base.”