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Audience Synergy

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Audience Synergy represents the most extensive healthcare practitioner database purpose-built to reach Physicians, Registered Nurses, NP/PAs and Pharmacists with non-endemic programmatic advertising. Other providers who focus on work emails and addresses can struggle to reach physicians on their personal devices, in social media or on Connected TV.

With over 93% coverage, our Physician audience is built in combination with Data360 from opt-in and NPI-verified PII and includes pre-built segments by specialty.

Additionally, we offer a specialty RN audience built with segments for healthcare recruiters, nursing schools, CE providers and Pharma. Our 60+ RN specialties include Critical Care, MedSurg, Dialysis, Oncology, Pediatric and ED.

Opt-in patient audiences covering over 130 different health conditions are deterministic, NAI-compliant, HIPAA-compliant and are perfect for Pharma or OTC use.

We have also published a household-based version of each audience specifically optimized for Connected TV. Other capabilities include list-match, custom audiences, measurement and much more.


100% Deterministic HCP Audiences

Over 93% NPI-verified coverage of Physicians built with opt-in personal emails.  All HCPs are verified against active licenses.

Opt-in Patient Audiences

With coverage of over 100 conditions, our patient audiences are privacy compliant and self-identified bringing far greater specificity than modeled audience providers.

Largest Specialty RN Audience

With over 3.8 million RNs and coverage of 50+ specialties, employers, Pharma and device manufacturers can directly reach the most influential RNs involved in the decisions that affect their bottom line.